Hi, Im Zarna a style-obsessed, high-heel worshipper thats been part of the blogosphere since December 2008.  I started off because I was sure that a week into my blogger career, Id be an online celebrity and then would eventually be on E! News.  So..four years later, thats not the case but Im happier than ever with what this little site has become!  Ive made tons of friends, learned how to use a camera like a pro (well, semi-pro), become a stylist/fashion writer, and learned that having an outlet to share my style aesthetic has created some AMAZING opportunities in my life. So in a nutshell, Im honored to be called a fashion blogger its freaking awesome.

If you want to hear more from me, dont forget to catch me on Twitter and Facebook. You can also check out my music (I sing!) at Zarna.com. Oh and if thats not enough for you, I take lots of pictures of my clothes and food on Instagram @Zarna!