I get asked these questions sometimes, so I thought Id post answers on this page! If theres anything else youd like to ask me, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email and Ill be sure to answer it.

What kind of camera do you use?

I use a Nikon D60 with a Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 lense.  Its a starter DSLR and the lense is absolutely amazing!  Word to the wise when I started blogging, I thought if I bought a great camera Id immediately have photos like Rumi from Fashion Toast or Jane from Sea of  Shoes.  This isnt the case, beacuse if you get a good camera and shoot on automatic you might as well just get a small point and shoot!  Over the years, Ive learned how to fully use my camera and learn to shoot manually.  Ive also learned more about lighting and depth of field, which really helps when scouting for locations and taking photos.

So moral of the story if you dont have much experience (like me a few years ago!), be sure to get a starter camera and take a few classes or watch some youtube tutorials.  Then get a friend and get out there!

What ethnicity are you?

Im a first-generation Indian/American! Both of my parents grew up in India, but I was born here Im still very much in touch with my Indian heritage and LOVE my culture. Oh and for those of you who are familiar with the Indian culture Im Gujarati!

Do you really wear high heels all the time or is it just for photos?

I really do wear themall the time.  Trying to get more flats for the winter though, as Im really trying to not be in a wheel chair by the time Im thirty!

How old are you?

Im 25 my birthday is March 3rd.

Ive noticed youve changed your layout quite a bit, why?

I started on Blogger in December 2008 and went through all sorts of fun customizations on my basic blogger site.  Recently, I switched to WordPress and tried a really fun new layout.  It was awesome for learning to use CSS, but I didnt find it to be very user friendly.  Although I was really proud of myself for creating a pretty cool site, I decided to go back to a more basic layout I use a basic WordPress theme that I (HEAVILY) customized.

Whats your workout routine?

I am an exercise junkie.  I kickbox, weight train, and do all sorts of cardio (including running, the elliptical, hiking).  I go through phases thought, so thats why I look more fit some seasons than others Im working on being more consistent through the year, but arent we all?