Photography: Will Vastine, Jacket: DCXV, Shorts: Vintage Levis

There are very few places I love more than my hometown. Nashville is full of love, community, memories, and most importantly, my dearest friends and family. Its a place Ive lived for 20 years (considering Im 26, thats a looooong time!), and although I absolutely love it, its time for a change. Im always up for a new, exciting adventure and Ive decided to head out to Los Angeles, California! It could be a few months, it could be a few years, it could be a decade.  Who knows? Its time to do a little exploring, sing a few songs, style a few folks, and meet some fabulous people along the way.

How soon? Well, Im already on the road with my big brother for my very first loooooong road trip (2,000 miles!). I love that this blog has been with me through Boston, Miami, Nashville, and now LA!! Heres to many future beach blog posts 🙂

Nashville, I LOVE YOU.