A restaurant’s kitchen will produce a tremendous amount of grime and dirt throughout the week. This means it’s important to take a step back and clean it professionally.

Here’s a detailed checklist for cleaning your restaurant kitchen.

Wipe the Grill and Countertops

Begin with the grill and countertops because these are put under the most amount of pressure year-round. They are going to collect a lot of waste and grime that has to be eradicated immediately. Use a powerful cleaner to get deeper into the crevices while working on the grill. This is the only way to make sure the grime stays away for good and doesn’t get into what you are cooking.

Wash All Cooking Utensils

The cooking utensils will have to be washed thoroughly using a potent cleaner. This is different than running it under a tap or using a dishwasher.

You want to properly handwash the utensils and make sure everything is as clean as possible.

Don’t forget to clean grease traps. Call a pro to clean it properly. You can call greasetrapnashville.com a reliable grease trap cleaning company with affordable rates.

Disinfect Cooking Surfaces

The cooking surfaces and/or prep areas will need to be disinfected. This is a must and is a great way to stay safe while cooking. Use a powerful disinfectant to get the job done.

Mop Floors

What about the flooring in your restaurant kitchen?

In general, you will want to broom the floor and get rid of all the waste particles that are present on the top surface. After doing this, you can take a wet mop to make sure everything looks good.

Organize Everything

You should look to organize the items present in your restaurant kitchen. This is going to vary in each kitchen, but the goal should be to comprehensively customize where each item goes. You can improve how your kitchen runs by doing something as simple as this during the cleaning process.

Use this checklist as a launching pad for a better-functioning restaurant. Sometimes, cleaning your kitchen can make a real difference to your bottom line.