So this is it folks, the post youve all been waiting for! Ok, well maybe not all of you, but my Dad really wants to see these picts and well, you have to listen to your Dad! I had such a blast driving across the country with my big brother we saw a lot of beautiful scenery, ate some delicious food, and had an incredible journey:

For those of you driving from Nashville to LA, here are my recommendations (mostly food & sight seeing, I didnt have time to go shopping!):

Amarillo, TX: This was a weird place, so we just embraced the crazy. We went to this tourist trap called Big Texan, it was hilarious and dripping in every Texas stereotype!

Albuquerque, NM: If you dont stop anywhere else, you MUST go to Mary & Titos they even won a James Beard American Classic award! Its authentic, delicious, and local.

Phoenix, AZ: La Grande Orange is one of my favorite spots in Phoenix. A friend of mine took me there last time I was in Phoenix and I just had to go back. They have these delicious english muffins that you MUST try!

Flagstaff, AZ: This place is gorgeous and the drive from Flagstaff to San Diego was the most stunning of the entire trip! Flagstaff has a gorgeous downtown area and Im hoping to go back and explore a little more in the winter months (and maybe get in some skiing as well!). We went to a cute little local coffee shop called Macys.

(most people would just go from Phoenix to LA, but we really wanted to make a detour in San Diego!)

San Diego, CA: Oh San Diego, I see many weekend getaways in our future! We went to a fabulous place called Neighborhood (that has a secret bar in the back!) and Isabels Cantina for brunch. I really wanted to explore the fashion scene, but I didnt have time, so Ill definitely update you next I time I visit!

Sorry for the long post, but this was a great experience that I really wanted to share with all of you! Hope you enjoyed the photos & recommendations 🙂